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We have chosen 10 shirts in different colors, fabrics, and patterns that are perfect for this summer. These fun shirts enhance all looks and always make for some group laughs. 

You have slow and fast fashion options, but there are also second-hand stores with this kind of item, just look harder.

Floral printed shirt

It costs 22.99€ and there is the orange and green model, and part of the material used is sustainable.

Floral short sleeve shirt

Still, in a floral pattern, but with more color, you have the shirt for 27.99€.

Short-sleeved shirt with messages

In blue tones and with the phrase ‘Flower Power’ is a great option for very hot summer nights and costs 69.96€.

Arty shirt

A short shirt, orange, but discreet. It is from Desigual and costs 59.95€.

Fancy shirt

A lot of colors, a lot of images, a lot of information… is this your shirt uncle? 

Otherwise shirt

A more discreet shirt than the previous options, but with good summer color and for a more relaxed look is oversize 

Shirt with Embroidery

For 29.99€ this shirt is perfect for people who want to wear different pieces, but keep a discreet air

Comic Shirt

A fun, funny, and colorful comic strip on a shirt for only 27.95€

Boxy fit shirt

The green color always goes well with blue, beige, denim, or even green pants, you have a lot to choose from. The shirt costs 22.99€.

Oversize shirt

It is part of a series of clothes produced with less water, has a lot of patterns and costs 25.99€



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