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Besides the usual rules of thumb on the need to recycle and prioritize public transportation, we bring you tips on apps and new habits to change your routine and start living a more sustainable life. 

Climate change has been on the political, social, and economic agenda for some time now. The repercussions are increasingly visible and the threats include rising water levels and an increase in the Earth’s average temperature. 

The Paris Agreement was signed in 2015 by the European Union and its member states, intending to halt the increase in the global average temperature and problems related to climate change.

Thoughtful and sustainable consumption

Society is used to constant and immediate consumption, so it is necessary to think about each purchase and understand its importance. Also, when choosing a brand be aware of its environmental care. To speed up your search, we recommend the Do Zero store (https://do-zero.pt/loja/), which has a variety of products, from decoration to hygiene, cleaning, kitchen and stationery. The online store studies each of the options available in its store, from a critical study of the brands to care to avoid the accumulation of stock.

For clothes, you can choose to buy in second-hand stores, this way you avoid buying directly from fast fashion and you can give a new life to the street. One of the stores with a different concept is the new store in Porto-O’Kilo. If you prefer online stores, choose Vinted, where you can also sell your clothes.

There are things that we buy that we know we won’t use much, but we need them occasionally, and this type of investment, besides being expensive, is not sustainable. Rnters (https://rnters.com/) solves this problem. Through this site, you can rent material to other people, from the photography and video universe, camping or surfing material, or even a cell phone.

Be careful with your meals, avoid waste

Wastefulness is one of the most important things to change. Some of the tips are to schedule every meal what you are going to make and what you can do with vegetable leftovers, for example. Another idea is to install the app To Good to Go, which fights against food waste together with different companies. In practice, you can find establishments near you on the app, which sell the food that would otherwise be wasted at a reduced price. To Good to Go has already saved more than a million meals.

Another change that you can include in your routine is to buy more food from local businesses, small farmers, and bulk grocery stores; besides avoiding waste, you can promote the local economy and more sustainable agriculture.

Nobody likes to drive alone

Despite the comfort of riding in a car and not being dependent on other schedules… it is always better to sing in the car with someone else. Try to share rides, synchronize schedules, or opt for the BlaBlaCar-Boleias app, where you can save money and still meet new people.

Not forgetting the importance of using public transportation whenever possible. Students have different discounts with the transport companies.

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