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Keeping your body healthy and fit doesn’t necessarily have to go through a routine at the gym. Besides being more convenient and cheaper, exercising at home doesn’t always require sophisticated equipment. All you need are these 4 applications.


  1. Fitness Online

This is a very complete application. Define your goal, what level are you at, basic or advanced, if the activity is with or without equipment, and voilá: you have your workout ready to be executed.

You can also choose whether you prefer weight-loss exercises or if you’re looking for a more specific bodybuilding workout. All exercises are demonstrated so that you can do them correctly, as well as see what part of the body you are working.


  1. Home Workouts

With workouts for different goals and a list of exercises separated by body part, this app offers animated illustrations so that everything is practiced correctly.

In addition to reminding you to warm up before training and stretching after it, it also has an option for you to set alarms to create a routine.


  1. Seven

As the name suggests, this is an application that offers you videos of just seven minutes a day. Created to help you get the most benefit in the least amount of time, the workouts in this app are designed to be done without equipment and anywhere.


  1. Weight Loss Fitness

Lose weight in 30 days with the greatest variety of workouts? It is with this application. Adjusted to your goals, you’ll have short and easy exercise videos targeted to the body areas you want to work on. The training plan is created in real time and based on the feedback and progress you get.

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