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One of the great benefits of Disney+ is the content offered by National Geographic. Find out more about climate change with Leonardo DiCaprio, or you can even follow along climbing one of the world’s largest rocks with Alex Honnold. Today we have five suggestions for documentaries related to the environment and nature. 

“Before the flood”

Leonardo DiCaprio presents a documentary about climate change around the world. During 1h36m it also presents what we can do to prevent the end of planet earth. The documentary features John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton.

“Hostile Planet”

A series with 6 episodes of almost 50 minutes that presents the constant changes in the animal kingdom, with Bear Gylls as host and narrator of the episodes. On IMDb, the series is scored with 8.3/10

“Free Solo”

A detailed portrayal of Alex Honnold’s climb of the 975-meter El Capitan rock. The 1h40m documentary is marked by the artistic and stunning images of every moment


A 1h30m documentary that portrays the story of Jane, the woman who did giant research on chimpanzees that revolutionized the whole view of science on the World.

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