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Your money won’t double, nor will you stop wanting to subscribe to all those streaming services, but these apps will help you better understand where you’re spending all your money, and understand where and how you can save.

You need a budget

One of the most popular apps organizes all your expenses in graphs. And as the name says, it limits you to only using the money you say you have available at the beginning of the month.


Besides the usual features of finance apps, Mobills allows you to customize all your expenses with labels like “food” or “transportation”. You just need to create an account and start using it and receive several alerts in your e-mail that tell you whether or not you are exceeding the budget you set.


An app is known for its ease of use that, in addition to creating graphs and records, also allows you to identify the main expenses you have throughout the month. The app is also free and has Portuguese translation.


The ideal option is to control your finances, either in cash or in the bank. You just have to divide the two values and write down all your expenses.


This app is important for when you go out for drinks or dinner with friends and “split the amount for everyone”. To start using it, all you have to do is create a profile for everyone to write down their expenses and record their debts.


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