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The roaring 20s are the perfect time to get to know the world. And there is so much to see, but why not start in Europe? We leave you with a list of the best European cities to visit.

You have to enjoy it while there are no bills to pay and no house to support, right? Right.

Traveling means getting to know new cultures, broadening horizons, leaving our bubble and diving into a universe of knowledge. But it’s also about meeting new people, having fun, and filling your suitcase with stories to remember later. And if it can be all this, where besides keeping the focus on adventure, we don’t lose track of the low budget, even better.

Barcelona, Spain

The sunny days are a constant, the hustle and bustle is felt in the streets and in the air. Art, from architecture to museum works, with artists who innovated in the 20th century, is one of the options that stands out when choosing a destination.

On the other hand, besides attractions such as the Sagrada Familia or La Boqueria, there is also a nightlife that is considered one of the most fun in Europe.


Krakow, Poland

This is a city with a strong connection to university life and has the fifth oldest university in the world. More than 20% of the population are students and it is also a popular destination for Erasmus students. So the buzz of bohemian university life is guaranteed to be 200%.


Budapest, Hungary

Considered the hipster capital of Europe, Budapest is ideal for enjoying the nightlife – and therefore much requested by young people when it comes time to book a vacation. During the day, strolling through the city’s cute streets is also a great option.


Berlin, Germany

A city that offers museums, art galleries, and a nightlife that mixes many different styles? We do. And Berlin does. It’s the perfect combination to enjoy the day and night.


Milan, Italy

What young person does not dream of going to Italy one day? Exactly, none. And Milan might be your first choice. Here you breathe art and history everywhere, there are always new things to see and many gardens to enjoy. In a word, this city is amazing – and so are the flights, since they are usually pretty cheap.

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