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A list with five suggestions for every possible mood. We know how bad it is not to find the perfect series after turning on the TV and searching through all the genres in one scroll on Netflix. So we’ve chosen crime, drama, romance, and even science fiction. And we have one with Ricky Gervais. 

After Life

A series that talks about loves, relationships, and how death and the grieving process can mark the whole way of living. A series with a great script written by Ricky Gervais, with 3 seasons with half-hour episodes. 

Black Mirror

It’s over four years old now, but it’s one of the best series available on Netflix about science fiction. You may not be a fan of this genre, but this series is very different from what you usually find. Each episode has a stand-alone story and portrays problems that society may experience.

Marked Heart

The constant search for a drug trafficking ring after a car accident planned by a lovesick husband. Trust me, you’ll be looking forward to the finale, but there’s still only one season available.

Orange Is the New Black

The story inside a US prison, tackles racism, homosexuality, relationships, friendships, and loyalty to an extreme point. The series is now over and you have seven seasons to watch.


A very light and lighthearted series about the lives of three teenagers, with only two seasons.

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