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In addition to protecting from solar radiation, sunglasses complete outfits and always show a little bit the mood of one, ultimately increasing self-esteem. And since for every moment you need a pair of glasses, we have gathered 5 pairs of glasses more daring and different from the traditional ones…

Seen Shocking Pink

For only 9,90 euros at Multiopticas. Instead of pink lenses, you can choose gray with a white frame.

Seen Gold

Discreet but with a different frame: light, simple, and very elegant, that matches different outfits. They cost 9.90€


For only 14.99€ for glasses with a familiar shape, but with asters and large details in light pink. 

Colored glasses 

Zara has some red glasses for 17.95€, with a mass frame, available in many stores across the country.

Massive glasses

Another pair of mass glasses for under 10 euros, but from Stradivarius. They are available in blue, green, orange, and raw, the tone of the lenses changes according to the color of the frame. We couldn’t resist the blue ones. 

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