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From north to south, between the coast and the center and not forgetting the islands, Portugal has countless beautiful and idyllic places that you may have never heard of. Still planning a vacation? These are just a few of our suggestions for a getaway you’ll never forget.


Casa do Penedo

Among the Fafe Mountains, four huge rocks make up the structure of Casa do Penedo. Located in the parishes of Várzea Cova and Moreira do Rei, in the municipality of Fafe, this is considered to be the strangest house in the world.

It was on October 13, 1974 that the house was inaugurated, serving as a second residence for a Portuguese family, in order to take refuge from city life. However, it is currently uninhabited, with a view to becoming local accommodation.

Completely isolated in nature and without access to electricity, here you will find a unique space that allows you to live several experiences. If you are interested in finding out more, visit the website: casadopenedofafe.com.


Rosário River Beach

At this fluvial beach on the river Tejo, located in Moita, you will have a breathtaking view of the other side of the river, the capital Lisbon, where you will be able to contemplate the two bridges (Vasco da Gama Bridge and 25 de Abril Bridge). Although it is a very attractive place to sunbathe and gather your friends in the picnic park, which has barbecues, or in the restaurant or bar, the best is, of course, the landscape on a clear night. That said, you also have the opportunity to venture out for a horseback ride on the beach. If you want to know how, visit the website: andaracavalo.com.


Sobral of São Miguel

This village in Covilhã has the largest number of schist buildings in the country. However, many of the buildings are plastered or painted predominantly white. It is considered the “Heart of Shale” and a veritable living museum, featuring a large extraction of raw material, in which shale is exported to the rest of the world.

In addition, in Sobral de São Miguel you can enjoy gastronomic delicacies such as sour cherries, sardines, codfish, honey and, especially, bread baked in a wood oven.


Ponta da Calheta Viewpoint

This belvedere is on the island of Porto Santo in the Madeira Archipelago. With an amazing view of the crystalline waters of the ocean, it is said that on clear days it is possible to see the island of Madeira, normally shrouded in mist.


Ponta da Madrugada Viewpoint

Ponta da Madrugada Viewpoint is located on top of a cliff in the Azores Archipelago, more specifically on the island of São Miguel. If you are a fan of watching the sunrise, this viewpoint is known as the best place on the island to watch it (hence its name). You will also find a picnic park and magnificent gardens full of different flowers.

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