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Listening to music or not listening to music while studying is always a question and a routine that differs for each student. Some say it’s a distraction, and others argue that it increases concentration.

Today we bring you some Spotify playlists for you to try and in the end understand the best method for you. Between instrumental, beats, or calmer playlists you have many options

1. A playlist with the best songs of Ovelha Negra. between well-known beats and iconic singles, you have almost 3 hours to listen while studying

2. The XX’s second album, released in 2012, also has the perfect rhythm to help you concentrate

3. A post-rock playlist that will help you calm down and focus on what’s important

4. If you are a fan of instrumental and calmer music here is a compilation created by Spotify, but with options for 7 hours of study

5. Is listening to music for studying not an option? Try this playlist with sounds of nature. On the playlist creator’s account, you will find lots of ambient sounds, just choose


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