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From patterns with food or animals, to the most minimalist patterns, wearing boring socks will no longer be an option.


Created at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, when we were all confined at home, Pandemeia was created with the purpose of helping fight this pandemic, bringing to people messages of positivity, comfort and peace through an item that we use every day – socks. The name of the brand, of course, is a combination of the pieces that are sold by the brand and the phase in which it was created. There are socks for everyone, as the models are unisex and there are also children’s sizes. You can find all the socks on sale on Pandemeia’s website, with prices starting at 4€. 


SMUTH Socks was born when the creator, Verónica Pinto, remembered to dedicate her free time to create her own brand, a brand with socks full of colorful patterns and designs that could brighten up any basic look. The brand has over 30 pairs of socks with different patterns, all of them with a boiled “S” on the side to stamp the presence of SMUTH Socks. In addition to the socks, t-shirts with pockets in the same patterns as those found on the socks are also available. All pieces are available on the portuguese brand’s website and all pairs are unisex and one size fits all, from 2.50€.


“Socks are the new ties” is the motto that led three friends to create a portuguese brand of socks that not only stands out for its patterns that refer to objects or traditional Portuguese food, but also for the fact that it is a brand that is concerned with sustainability and, for this, uses organic cotton to create the socks and environmentally friendly packaging. The patterns are “as ortuguese as possible”: from pastéis de natal, bacalhau and bolas de berlim to matraquilhos and galos de Barcelos. The brand’s more than 30 pieces are available on the website, with prices starting at €7.95, in adult and children’s sizes. 

Kinda Socks

Created by twin sisters Bianca and Cláudia da Silva, Kinda Socks has socks for all those who are not afraid to take risks and wear a bolder outfit with fun socks or even a simple outfit, but with socks that are anything but plain and basic. The 13 sock models are available in several multi-brand stores around the country and also on the Kinda Socks website, for 9.90€.

Traveling Socks

Traveling Socks appeared in 2019 with the goal of making travel a part of our daily lives. Thus, it is possible to immortalize small moments and memories of trips we have made, carrying them with us through the socks. All of the brand’s patterns are inspired by travel, from socks with coffee from South America to socks with portuguese wine glasses. It is also possible to have your own collection of customized socks, and you have to order a minimum number of pieces from your collection. The pieces are available on the Traveling Socks website and in various stores around the country, with prices starting at 9.90€.





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