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Today is World Backup Day and we bring you some suggestions of sites and platforms to never lose your college papers again.

Yes, we’ve all felt the pain of realizing that a super important document has “disappeared” from your computer. But that can end, just by saving all your documents on one of these sites.

Google Drive

Google’s drive service allows you to open and save documents or develop them directly on the drive. This way, you are less likely to lose your documentation and you can open the same file on any computer by simply accessing the drive. As you work, the drive makes sure to automatically save the information.

One Drive

One Drive is very similar to Google Drive, the only difference is that it belongs to Microsoft. This service ends up being more practical for those who work directly with Word and PowerPoint, which belong to Microsoft and allows you to have the entire computer stored in the drive.


This is a platform for storing and sharing your documents. All you need is create a profile or share links with colleagues. In addition, you can access the information via computer and smartphone.


This platform is not so well known, but it is extremely secure, as in other services you can divide the information by folders and you get 50GB for free.

Azure Backup

A Microsoft service that allows you to make copies of all data stored on your computer and retrieve them from the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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