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Between trips to the beach, last-minute sleepovers at friends’ houses, or a mini trip to a European capital you always need a good (and nice) backpack and we’re here to give you the best suggestions of what’s on the market. 

From backpacks that are resistant to any plane trip, others with the capacity to carry dozens of t-shirts, or if you’re a person who is limited in the number of clothes you need, we have smaller options. Prices vary, find out everything here.

Timberland Orange Backpack 

Orange? Yes, it’s perfect for summer. For 55€ you have a super versatile backpack with great material to last you several summers. 


It looks like a too casual bag, but it’s great for beach trips and going to friends’ houses, and it only costs $2.90

Carhartt ‘Kickflip’ Backpack

With a more sporty and relaxed look, you have this backpack in different colors for $74.90

Champion backpack

A simple beige backpack but with lots of space, a great option for weekends away, at about you it costs £29.90. 

Essential’ Tommy Jeans backpack

Ready to take a chance on a green or blue backpack? This Tommy Jeans is a great option with lots of space but allowed on low-cost airlines. It costs $44.90

Levis Backpack


This is a different option than usual, in pastel tone, but with a different format than usual. One of those pieces that complement the look works for all occasions, and costs €64.90



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