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Between concepts, political history, and the power of Russia in the World it becomes difficult to understand all the steps and consequences of the conflict. 

The Portuguese streaming platform, OPTO, has ten programs that help you understand the power of Vladimir Putin, the figure of Zelenskyy, and even Russia’s cyber army. 

Today we bring you six suggestions to understand the two great figures of this War and the problems that started eight years ago in Ukraine. 

Zelensky, A President at War

A documentary released this year on the journey of the most defining figure of this war, an explanation of his stint in comedy, to the presidency, and the current “war hero.” Written and directed by Dirk Schneider and Claudia Nagel, running 43 minutes.

War in Ukraine

A documentary series that explains the conflicts between Ukraine and Russia, since the annexation of the summit, the Donbas. Only two episodes are available yet, but the goal is to explain what Vladimir Putin’s new goal is.

Cyber Army 

Russia’s cyber power is not just now being explored and investigated. This army is known to interfere in elections, attack governments, and steal. Learn about the power of these groups. 

Putin’s Patriots

The Russian president is known to work as a team, never solo, he has people who defend him and glorify Vladimir Putin. Get to know who is behind this power figure.

Oleg’s Choice 

A documentary about the young men who fell for Putin’s strong speeches and went to fight in Donbas. Some realized the lie and stayed on the wrong side of the war. 

Anti-Putin Russia

Where there are advocates, there are always opponents. Get to know more about the groups who are against Vladimir Putin, and who want a new Russia. 



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