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No patience for a giant series with dozens of episodes? We bring you the suggestion of miniseries from Netflix, with good stories and you’ll end up wishing there were more seasons


Only ten episodes, with one hour, about a young woman running away from a violent relationship with her daughter. A series about the dangers and adventures of the girl portrays the reality of many victims of violence. 

Bad Vegan

A documentary with only four episodes that tells the story of the owner of a vegan restaurant, who falls in love and ruins her whole life, becoming known as “Vegan Fugitive”.


A story told in only four episodes about a Hasidic Jewish woman who flees an arranged marriage. The young woman is taken in by musicians in Berlin, but problems from her past return.

Madam C.J. Walker

Light and inspiring series about an African-American laundress who built her own business and achieved success. Only four 45-minute episodes. 

Inventing Anna

A journalist investigates the story of Anna Delvey, an imposter who convinced the New York elite that she was a German heiress. Learn the whole story in just nine episodes over an hour long.

The Pharmacist

A pharmacist loses his son and decides to investigate corruption in the United States over the opioid crisis. The story is told in only four 50-minute episodes.


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