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Tired of busy beaches and looking for a quiet place to rest and enjoy your well-deserved vacation? Get inspired by the eight little-known places described below, scattered around the country.


#1 River Beach of Poço da Corga

Located in the bed of the Ribeira de Pêra, in Castanheira de Pêra, this river beach will enchant you with the bucolic landscapes of the Lousã Mountains and its crystal clear water. Besides that, there are plenty of shadows for you to hang out your towel, a picnic area, restaurant and bar, showers and changing rooms, lifeguard, medical center and parking lot.

Enjoy this relaxing place during the bathing season from June 10 to September 19.


#2 Poço do Pé Negro

The limpid waters of the Mestre River sustain the Poço do Pé Negro, a natural pool of low depth, surrounded by vegetation.

Located in Ponte de Lima, between the parishes of Bárrio and Labruja, this paradise is easily accessible and suitable for diving, due to its rocky characteristics.


#3 River Beach of Loriga

In Seia, in the glacial valley of the village of Loriga, southwest of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, you will probably be dazzled by the natural beauty of this beach. However, be warned that the water, which springs from a spring in the mountains, although pure and translucent, is also cold.

This river beach has a picnic area, a bicycle park, a bar with a terrace, a parking lot, a first-aid post, and a walkway to the bathing area. It is also watched over by lifeguards.

The bathing season runs from July 1 to August 31.


#4 River Beach of Fernandaires

Located in Vila de Rei and surrounded by high mountains, the Fernandaires fluvial beach covers an extensive water basin, coming from the Castelo de Bode dam.

Here you will find a floating pool, suitable for adults and children, due to the depth of the water, a bar, parking area, changing rooms and several shades where you can relax. And it should be noted that the beach has been awarded the Gold classification by Quercus, as well as having warm water.


#5 Esturranha Lagoon

Containing turquoise blue waters and zones of low and high depth, the Lagoa da Esturranha, in Serra d’Arga, in the parish of Freixiedo de Soutelo, is practically next to the road and inserted in a forest. With plenty of room to spread out your towel and enjoy this place, this is one of the most beautiful and idyllic lagoons in the country.


#6 Pego das Pias

Between São Luís and Odemira, in the Odemira municipality, is the fluvial beach of Pego das Pias. Unlike all the other beaches already mentioned, this one has not yet been subject to human intervention, so you will not find any cafes, parking lots or even a lifeguard. The way there is about two kilometers, when you stop at the bridge over the Torgal stream, and it is best done on foot, as the dirt road is only passable at the beginning. Nevertheless, these small difficulties are worth it when you reach this natural pool, created by the erosion of the rocks and the course of the water. Hidden among the rocks and with ropes in the trees, suitable to be used for jumping, this is the perfect place for those who seek and are passionate about the tranquility of nature.


#7 Poça das Lesmas

Of volcanic origin, the Seixal Natural Swimming Pools, better known as Lagoa das Lesmas or Poça das Lesmas, located in Madeira, on the north coast of the island, in the Seixal area, reveal, through the turquoise and crystalline water and the obscured rocks, an extraordinary landscape. However, although the pools have toilet facilities with showers and a support bar, they are not guarded.



#8 Viola Beach

On the island of São Miguel, Azores, near the parish of Maia, in Ribeira Grande, when you walk along a trail that goes along the coast, you will find Viola beach. With thick sand and a cliff from where several springs emerge, this place provides an amazing and serene view. When you cross the beach, you can also admire a small waterfall.

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