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Between classics and more recent works that also deserve due recognition, I’m sure you’ve already defined your list of favorite movies. But if there’s still room for more, here are eight movies you must see at least once in your life.


“Truman Show”, 1998

What at first seems like a simple criticism of reality shows, we soon realize is a film full of metaphors and symbolism. Emblematic and intelligent, it makes us rethink whether we are not also trapped in a universe where we are too comfortable to try to get out – maybe because reality is too scary.

You’ll probably end this film with a feeling of paranoia, but more than that a feeling of reflection.


“Joker,” 2019

After the success that was Heath Ledger as the Joker in “Batman: The Dark Knight,” we hardly thought we would fall in love with a performance of this character again. But the truth is that Joaquin Phoenix promised nothing and ended up delivering everything.

The film tells not only the origin story of one of the greatest villains in fiction, but essentially focuses on how society remains unable to deal with mental illness.


“Fight Club,” 1999

The fight turns out to be internal when violence becomes a form of therapy.

On one side, we have the proponents that this is a film whose purpose is to propagate violence gratuitously. On the other, the supporters that this is a film with a deep meaning and a critique of the consumerist and individualistic society.


“Parasite,” 2019

An undeniably successful South Korean film that came to showcase the best outside of the Hollywood bubble we are so used to. “Parasites” is a social satire that portrays the different social classes in South Korea. It starts out looking like a comedy, but as the story unfolds, we become involved in a family tragedy that is hard to remain indifferent to.


“American History X,” 1998

This film has, from the very beginning, the courage to portray in a bare and cruel way an America that is, even today, deeply marked by racism. A story that, no matter how many years have passed, is still very current, where the racist hatred fostered by a separatist society and a prejudiced education is portrayed.


“Inception”, 2010

A film that mixes science fiction, espionage, action and drama. All this wrapped up in the simple plot of implanting an idea in the mind of a person – who is none other than the heir to an empire. And we’ll say no more. You’re really going to have to see this movie.


“Cast away,” 2000

A story that leaves us in suspense about the outcome of a tragic situation, “The Castaway” is a film with several moments without any dialogue. What makes us not want to take our eyes off the screen is really the talent of Tom Hanks, who plays one of his best roles in this film.


“Get out,” 2017

It departs from the kind of screenplay we are used to in hit movies. In fact, it’s not every year that we encounter horror works like this.

The film stands out because of the way it places a message of racism, which unfolds throughout the film, in the middle of the suspenseful lines that support it.

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