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Are you visiting the invicta city and want to get away from the tourists? We got you. Here’s a list of non-touristy things to do in Porto


#1 Visit Galeria Nuno Centeno

With free admission, this gallery excels at betting heavily on emerging artists, both national and foreign. In 2018, Galeria Nuno Centeno started to occupy the space of the former workshops of the Cooperativa dos Pedreiros, keeping the industrial vibe of the space and thus contrasting with the temporary exhibitions, which remain for about two months.


#2 Strolling through Jardim de São Roque

The garden of Parque de São Roque has more than four hectares and almost a world inside. But the universe of this garden still lives in the last century: flowerbeds, shrubs, fountains and cultures remind us of Porto in the 80’s.


#3 Eating a delicious ice cream at Nivà 

Whether in a glass or cone, there are more than 200 flavors to try – and the best part is that they vary according to product availability. With stores in Turin, Cannes and Lisbon, Nivà arrived in Matosinhos ready to conquer ice cream fans with Italian recipes.


#4 Watching a concert at Maus Hábitos

The iconic bar/restaurant with cultural programming has already arrived in Lisbon and Vila Real, but it is in Porto that it keeps its roots. This cultural project of reference welcomes national and foreign artists, emerging or renowned, who see in its cozy space, the ideal place for a more intimate concert.


#5 Do a wine tasting at Espaço Porto Cruz

The Espaço Porto Cruz has reopened and is now a remodeled space. But, calm down, the view over the Douro is the same as always. If port wine is a must in this city, at Espaço Porto Cruz it is even more so.


#6 Shopping in vintage stores

Going to Porto and not coming back with the heaviest suitcase is a challenge worthy of the Olympic Games. And the reason is very simple: the invicta city is full of vintage stores with pieces from other times that reach your hands full of history. There are vintage stores for all tastes, so you can go to Left Hand, O’Kilo, Quartier Latin, or many others. You are sure to find your dream piece.


#7 Taking surf lessons in Matosinhos

Everybody knows that the beaches in the North have a rougher sea. Why not take advantage of the waves for some surf lessons? Whether in Gaia or Matosinhos, there are several schools available with lessons for beginners – or even for those who are a little scared. And there’s no harm in that.


#8 Seeing a play at the São João National Theater

Besides being beautiful on the outside, it is beautiful on the inside. But it’s on stage that the magic happens and art is breathed. There are always new, varied, and original plays on stage for you to enjoy. Or you can simply visit the São João National Theater and get to know its history.

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