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Are you tired of watching the same old Netflix series and movies? Yes, they are good, but sometimes it gets tired of watching the same content over and over again. Take the opportunity to learn more about all topics with Netflix’s Summarizing series. With episodes of less than half an hour, you get to understand the logic and context of all the subjects

The series appeared in 2018 and already has three seasons, with about 15 episodes each. Each episode can be watched separately and you don’t have to watch everything in the same order. 

In the first season, released in 2018, the episodes are shorter by about 20 minutes. The episodes address many of those topics that pass through the social media feed, but here they come up with scientific and trustworthy opinions, such as the female orgasm, political correctness, wage differences, or astrology. 

The following year, in 2019, the second season brings up topics such as multimillionaires, animal intelligence, cults, and programming.

The last season of this documentary series brings themes of country music, viral dances, monarchies, and even the functions and missions of flags. 


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