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Finding good products for your skincare routine doesn’t have to be a hard task, that’s why we bring you some suggestions.


After creating the Organii store where they sell products from several brands, sisters Cátia and Rita Curica created their own brand, Unii – organic skin food, an organic and vegan cosmetic brand. Besides that, the brand is also cruelty free, free trade and zero waste. Unii has products for all ages and for all skin types, with products such as body scrubs (€15.90), soaps (€6.90), solid shampoos (€9.90), solid hair conditioners (€9.90) or even essential oils (from €7.50). The brand’s products can be purchased through the Organii website.

Catarina Barbosa Skincare

Directly from Vila Nova de Milfontes, Catarina Barbosa, chemical engineer, created the brand Catarina Barbosa Skincare with the “goal of creating unique products of excellence, providing sensations of well-being, comfort, confidence and inspiration to women who use our cult products,” can be read on the brand’s website. All products are a tribute to portuguese women who played an important role in the history of our country. Catarina Barbosa Skincare is made in Portugal with organic and vegan products and does not test on animals. You can buy products such as the Carolina face mask (50€), the Amália face oil (75€) or the Maria moisturizing face serum (80€) through the brand’s website.


With no plastic packaging and the presence of pesticide-free plants in its constitution, 8950 is a brand created in Castro Marim and that is where its name comes from, since this is the postal code of the portuguese town. The brand’s products are made from 100% natural, national raw materials and are presented in plastic-free, reusable ceramic bottles from Alcobaça. The brand has products such as liquid soap (€19), body cream (€30.30), shampoo (€30.30), conditioner, hand sanitizer (€16) and hand cream (€19) that can be purchased through the A Vida Portuguesa website


Born in Oporto, Dvine is known for using organic ingredients in the creation of its products, such as grapes grown in the Douro, and for having a unique aroma, such as the Oporto wine aroma. The brand has products such as the facial toner with grape floral water (17.50€), the concentrated anti-brown spots serum (40.70€), the cleansing gel with grape floral water (15.34€) or the facial scrub with grape pips (22.40€). All products can be purchased through Dvine’s online store.

MUSA Natural Cosmetics

If you are a fan of artisanal products, MUSA Natural Cosmetics is a brand where all products are 100% natural, chemical-free and handmade. The brand uses products from the Fundão region, such as olive oil and honey, and instead of using synthetic colorants to give color to the products, founder Catarina Nobre uses minerals that, after being ground, are a natural and efficient replacement. MUSA Natural Cosmetics has available on its website products such as solid shampoo (7.50€), solid conditioner (10.50€), moisturizing lip balm (4.99€), face cream (15.99€) or even body lotion (10.98€). 






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