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In an initial phase, the product is only available for sale in KFC restaurants in the United States.

The idea of launching nuggets made from vegetable base, but with chicken flavor, is not new. In fact, other fast-food chains such as Burger King have already implemented it some time ago. 

However, KFC has, since 2019, been testing whether this would be a good option to feature on its menu, and after experimenting in Atlanta, Georgia, vegetable nuggets are finally on the fast-food chain’s menu.  The “Beyond Fried Chicken” were created by KFC in partnership with Beyond Meat and, for now, are only available in restaurants in the United States. 

“It’s about time. Customers want to eat less animal protein, but they don’t want to stop having comfort food” said Kevin Hochman, president of KFC in the United States, in a statement to CNN Business

It is not known for sure which ingredients are part of the composition of the new vegetable nuggets. It is only known that no ingredients are of animal origin, as they are plant based.

The “Beyond Fried Chicken” are sold in buckets, as is usually the case with other products from this fast-food chain. Customers can opt for the version with six or 12 nuggets and it cost from 6.20€.

The menu available in KFC restaurants in Portugal still does not have any main meal product that is vegetarian, but there are already some side dishes suitable for those who do not want to eat animal food, such as salad or corn cobbler.

A date for the debut of vegetable nuggets in restaurants outside the United States is not yet known. 


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