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Workweeks of only four days are starting to be a reality in some companies in Portugal. The goal of this new way of working is to strive for greater productivity and more leisure time. The PS announced that it would start debating this issue in Parliament. 

Some companies have already tried out this new working model and the results are very positive. The pandemic changed mentalities and people started to value more the balance between personal and professional life. With only four days of work, there are visible results in the motivation of workers resulting in higher productivity and better results. The French company Laurent la Clergerie assumed that with the reduction of working days, keeping the same salary, the annual turnover increased by 40%.

After António Costa’s announcement regarding this new work model, many questions (still unanswered) arose. Will the salaries remain the same? And will the weekly working hours remain the same, or will they be reduced? And what will be the response of the Portuguese economy?

Do you like this new model? Look for companies with these philosophies, because for Portugal the matter is not yet concluded, nor discussed in detail. But in Iceland, Scotland, Belgium, Ireland, and Spain the practice of a shorter working week is already being tested. 

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