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Have you ever thought of recording your study session? Studying for the exams that are around the corner and motivating thousands of followers at the same time is putting the useful and the pleasant together. And it has been gaining more and more space in the digital universe.


That YouTube is the largest video platform in the world is already known, but what you may not know is that it’s not only for watching travel vlogs or the stream of the latest game. Besides the different channels that help you in the most varied subjects, with short virtual classes, there are more and more “Study with me” videos.

As the name implies, these videos aim to motivate the person transmitting the study session, while helping the viewer not to feel alone while studying. On YouTube, you can find one-hour or even 12-hour videos. Whether live or not.

Also on Tik Tok this phenomenon is gaining more and more space. Usually the app we go to when we want to procrastinate is the scrolling app where we find these transmissions. Yehya Mougharbel is captivated by the whiteboard she places at the bottom of her directs where she transmits just that: stop scrolling and go study.

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