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If you never know where you left your car, these two apps will save you (a lot) of time walking around the parking lot.

Imagine that you can park your car and know exactly where you left it when you come back. Sounds like an overly hypothetical scenario, right? But it doesn’t have to be anymore. 

Finding the car is often similar to an Easter egg hunt, but with the difference that if you don’t find it, you have no way to leave. Everyone has their own tricks for not suffering (so much) when it comes to finding the car in the parking lot: some fill their cell phone gallery with pictures of where they left the car, and others trust, with their eyes closed, the skills of their co-driver.

What is certain is that, for the most distracted ones, knowing where they left the car parked is a real headache and, for this very reason, Google Maps and Waze have created a function especially thinking of them. This is an option that allows you to record precisely where you parked your vehicle. 

For some, this function is an invaluable help when it comes time to return to the car, as you don’t have to waste time wandering around the parking lot looking for your car.

And how can you make sure you don’t lose your car again? We explain!

In Google Maps just open the app, tap the blue dot that marks your current location and select the “save parking” option. This way, the application marks with a red dot the parking spot with the indication “parked here”. When you return to your car, all you have to do is open the app again, and you will immediately see where your vehicle is. If you want to delete your location or share it with someone, just click on the red icon.

With Waze, the process is similar: just open the app and touch and press the blue dot that indicates your location. Then, just press the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select the “save parking” option. Your spot will be labeled with a blue dot, and if you need to edit it, just press the icon. 


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