Tempo de leitura: 2 minutos

The end of the semester brings exam season. And exam season brings what? Accumulated stress. Too much of it. To relieve all the tension, nothing better than throwing axe to the wall and USAxe Club, at Lx Factory, is the perfect place to do it in a fun and safe way.


The USAxe Club is a real pandemic baby. It was born in 2020 and brought a concept that has been conquering the Portuguese: the axe throwing. Prepared to offer the American experience to all those who visit the space, it provides not only the sports novelty, but also the whole gastronomic experience.

The rustic decoration, filled with wood and metal, transports us to the countryside states of the United States. But it is in the menu that we find the true influence of the country. Between the typical mac n cheese, the characteristic hamburgers, and the American waffles, it will be hard to choose. On top of this you also have a spicy wings challenge, sponsored by none other than the famous whiskey brand Jack Daniels.

With a menu so rich in iconic dishes, the trickiest task will be deciding what you want to order. So while you wait, why not do a 15-minute axe throwing session? It’s safe, easy to learn, and can be played by adults and children – always with adult supervision and the watchful eye of axemasters.

On one side the restaurant and bar and on the other the 6 lanes prepared for the sport. You can play for only 15 minutes, where no booking is required, or 1 hour, where booking is advised, or you run the risk of arriving and the space is already occupied. Letting off adrenaline and unloading stress has never been so easy. You can choose between target shooting, cockfighting, zombie killing, or the new game – and latest favorite – coronavirus shooting.

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