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We have all heard a thousand and one stories about the difficulty of finding work in the area we idealized. However, we always believe that we will be the case of the American dream and that we will manage to find our dream job. That is possible, but you have to work for it.

I don’t have an enviable academic background, nor have I always applied myself as much as I dreamed. But, I have always strived to give the maximum in the minimum I have done. And I believe that is the motto to follow.

During my degree I always encouraged myself to belong to new workgroups, from online projects to volunteer groups. All these unpaid jobs, considering the zero experience I had, were necessary for my journey. Besides having the opportunity to learn new working methods and create relationships, they allowed me to be prepared for new professional experiences. With these collaborations I was able to apply in practice everything I learned during the course, which has a large theoretical component. I understand that classes, assignments and exams take up a lot of your time. But with the organization you always have ways to work on other projects to enrich your curriculum (which shouldn’t be the same as everyone else with “just” a degree, like thousands of young people). You have to make a difference, and that only depends on your work. You may owe a lot of hours to bed, coffee with friends, but everything works as a process, and in the end the result is rewarding.

On the other hand, you can also invest in specialized courses in your area, which are always valued. Besides the added value of mastering more topics in the area, you can demonstrate dedication and interest in it. Nowadays, you can take different courses for free, and online.

The networking that you can build by getting involved in new projects should also be highlighted. These kinds of connections are relevant to your professional path because they allow you to create references in the market, which are always valued.
Think that all these efforts, dedicated time, and work will eventually have long-term results. You will become a more complete professional for the job market. Of course, there will be stressful moments and you have to learn to stop. But don’t forget the importance of always doing a little bit more. 

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