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With the Bolt in your city, you will be able to avoid some bus trips, stop hitchhiking and get to places much faster than when you walk. Since the bikes have just arrived in Coimbra, the Bolt has special launch prices.

In Coimbra, you can unlock the bike for free and then only pay 0.05€ per minute. The company’s goal is to promote fast, economical, and accessible urban mobility for everyone. 

Attention, to avoid safety problems, Bolt introduced reaction tests on the bicycles to prevent their use by people under the influence of alcohol. 

In addition, so that the bicycles are not an obstacle to pedestrians, users have access to a map with all the places where they can park their vehicles, such as Largo da Portagem, Parque Verde, Praça da República, Calçada Martim de Freitas, Pátio da Inquisição, and University poles. Do not try to break this rule, because besides having to pay a fine, the application will not allow you to finish the trip.

The shared bikes placed in Coimbra have an autonomy of up to 60km and a maximum speed of 25km/h. They also have a basket in the front, which is very useful to go to the supermarket or to use on trips to the university


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