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It’s romantic, it’s fun, but it’s going to be forbidden. The Bolt app will be able to block your trips, once it detects sudden weight changes on scooters.

Riding a scooter can be romantic, fun and a great plan to spend quality time with your friends – but, each to their own. Since the use of scooters by two people at the same time is one of the biggest causes of accidents.

Or rather, it was. Because the company Bolt will implement hardware that can detect sudden changes in mass on top of the scooter, indicating that it is being used by two people at the same time.

If that’s the case, and you still risk riding with an accompanied scooter, your trip will be automatically blocked by the app. But the news doesn’t stop there.

This is because, aside from this new feature, Bolt is still developing a tool capable of detecting reckless behavior, such as speeding or willful skidding. This way, when the system detects this type of situation, the user receives a notification in the app, indicating that he is acting recklessly. This feature is still in the experimental phase, in this case in Berlin, but the results have been promising.

Not to mention, the company Bolt recently launched another tool, which prohibits the use of scooters under the influence of alcohol. So, if you’ve had a few drinks and want to ride a scooter, you really need to take a test.

In Portugal, Bolt has scooters in Lisbon, Braga, Coimbra, Barcelos, Setubal and Cascais. In some of these cities, shared bikes are also available.


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