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The good of the planet Earth is in our hands and it is up to each one of us to adopt sustainable practices to preserve what is our home. Here are some very simple suggestions that you can apply in your daily life to help build a better future for you and for everyone.

Reduce energy consumption

A fundamental and economical tip: replace traditional light bulbs with LED bulbs. These not only save more energy, but are also more durable. Also, don’t use several appliances at the same time, and turn off any electronic devices you’re not using.

And always remember to turn off the lights when you leave the room where you are.


Avoid wasting water

Even if sometimes it feels good to stay in the shower a little longer, especially in winter, avoid taking long showers. Also, avoid taking baths in the tub and use the shower instead. Don’t leave the tap running while you wash your teeth, your hands, or even the dishes. It’s easy: always try to use as little water as possible.


Separate your garbage

Did you know that for every ton of paper recycled 15 to 20 trees are saved? Or that for every five plastic bottles recycled, an XL t-shirt can be produced?

By separating your waste properly you ensure that the material can be recycled, reused and reduce the amount of waste on the planet. Nowadays you can even find places where you can put your used coffee capsules or recycling bins for your unused clothes.


Buy second-hand clothes

As already mentioned, there are specific recycling bins all over the country for clothes and shoes that no longer fit, don’t wear, or are damaged.

After sorting, these clothes can still be reused or recycled. When recycled, they can be given a new life by being used for thermal and acoustic insulation, padding, and paving roads and floors.

If the clothes or shoes are still in good enough condition to be reused, they go to second-hand stores, such as Humana. It has 16 stores spread throughout the Lisbon and Oporto areas.


Avoid driving

There are more and more electric cars. However, the circulation of cars running on fuel is still very high.

To help reduce the air pollution that these compounds cause, use public transportation, bicycles or electric scooters.


Buy only what you need

There are plenty of things we buy that we don’t actually need.

The huge consumption of products leads to more production and, consequently, to an overexploitation of our resources. So make a list of what you really need before you go shopping.

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