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The videos have gone viral on social media. But what is it that makes people pedal while eating a hamburger? We explain it all.

Eating a hamburger at one of the world’s most famous fast food chains while exercising – sounds contradictory and unlikely, right? But it is already possible at some McDonald’s restaurants in China.

The videos of customers of this multinational fast food company riding a static bike, worthy of any gym, while eating a Big Mac or a Happy Meal, have gone viral. So much so, that they have already been viewed by more than 35 million people on Instagram and TikTok.

And what, at first glance looks like an attempt to burn calories as they are ingested, is actually a test.

“The “Green Charging Bike”, the name of the initiative, is a charging experience that is being implemented in two stores in China. It is designed to inspire greener behaviors while customers enjoy their favorite McDonald’s products,” the multinational fast food chain pointed out.

“The bike generates electricity to power everyday devices, such as phones, and is part of McDonald’s China’s Upcycle for Good project, an initiative focused on creating products with plastic parts from recycled materials.”

The restaurant in Jieyang Wanda in Guangdong province was the first McDonald’s to have bicycles in the room, in September. It was followed by the New Hualian restaurant in Shanghai. McDonald’s is still evaluating whether to expand the concept of electricity-generating bicycles to chain restaurants in other cities in China.


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