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During exam and term time you need to maximize your time, and be more productive. We have some tips on apps and extensions to help you organize your life, share work and make as few mistakes as possible.

Detail calendar with tasks

First, detail all your tasks, define the time you will dedicate to each one, the main objectives and the materials you need. For this, nothing better than Notion, which is available for computers and smartphones. This application works as a notebook, but is very organized. You have access to templates that are already designed and editable, or you can take a chance and create your own from scratch. In addition, you will find lots of content from YouTube creators and blogs that share their templates.  Notion allows you to organize all your personal and academic life and also allows you to share your pages with as many people as you want (this tool is very useful for organizing group work).

Another option is Google Calendar, which also synchronizes all the information on your computer and smartphone, and you can share your events and tasks with whoever you want.

Compared to Notion, Google Calendar only allows you to work with one calendar, although you can define moments with labels that help divide your personal and academic life. The trick in this application is to use different colors and labels to make the information more noticeable.

Share and have copies of documents

Don’t run the risk of losing the hours you spent making the “perfect” summaries and outlines for the exam. Use a drive. All the documents you work on the drive are being stored in the cloud, which automatically saves them, so you don’t risk losing all your work. Another great benefit of drives like OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox is that you can share your documents with other people, which is very useful for group work.

Small helps for big jobs

In college, the details make the difference, from punctuation, typos, grammatical errors, or citations. So we have some tips to help you save time with extensions to add to your search engine. If you are doing a paper in English, install Grammarly, which corrects all your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and cohesion errors. The premium version also identifies plagiarism, and has other suggestions, which make your writing more fluent.

Cite this for me: Web Citer automatically creates citations from the document in different types of references. This way you can quickly add the reference to the bibliography without making mistakes.


Also for academic work, use the repositories of the different universities. This way you will find detailed, reliable and variable information on different topics, which will help you complete your work.

Time your study time

Is the cell phone a distraction? The Forest app’s leveling challenge helps you put an end to that problem. In this game all you have to do is create a time goal without touching your phone. If you keep to the time you set, you pass the level and a tree is planted. If you work only on your computer, the Clockify extension helps you define when you want to take breaks, and track how much time you spend on each task.

The big trick to productivity is to optimize your time, not to risk losing work, and also to balance your life with moments of leisure. Besides the tips we mentioned, you can always search for new Google tools through the topic “productivity”.

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