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FIFA has announced the launch of the free streaming platform, with more than 40,000 league challenges from 100 countries, its productions, and live matches. 

The catalog includes series, documentaries, historical matches, talk shows, and live broadcasts. You can watch it all through the FIFA+ website, or by downloading the app available on Android and iOS. Some of the highlights include the film dedicated to Ronaldinho and a documentary about the Argentinean player Diego. About Portugal, there is the 2002 World Cup match against Korea, and also the records and career of Paulo Bento. 

During this year, more than 40 thousand games will be made available, 29 thousand for men and the rest for women, and there are games recorded since 1950. 

Besides this type of content, there will be statistics, news, games, quizzes, and predictions about the world of soccer. The main goal of this project is to connect fans differently and more intensely to soccer. 

The platform will be available in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. As of June, they intend to include Mandarin, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Arabic and Hindi. 


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