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Whether your life is a horror movie or a dramatic comedy, we’ve rounded up 3 movies for you to watch and forget your own dramas. Spoiler alert: we advise you to have tissues nearby.

With more or less love in the mix, but with the caveat that they appeal to the sentiment, we’ve gathered 3 romantic dramas that you really have to watch whenever you think there’s no life (love and otherwise) more dramatic than yours.

You, and Only You (Netflix)

At first glance, it has everything to be a cliché. However, the truth is that “You and only you” brings a theme that is not new, but manages to give it a touch of humor within the doom.

The protagonist, Abbie, discovers she has cancer, but instead of just worrying about her recovery, she decides to split her time between treatments and trying to find a girlfriend for her fiancé, Sam. Abbie doesn’t want him to feel alone when she dies, and for that very reason, she tries her hardest to find the perfect match for Sam.

Tell me about a perfect day (Netflix)

If it’s a drama you need, we bring you the ideal film: “Tell me about a perfect day”. This film brings us a very own and very personal view of two young people dealing with problems related to mental health and not only.

There’s one thing you can’t expect from this film: stability. It’s a constant rollercoaster ride, where we both feel like crying and laughing, and (just) feel like crying.

Five Feet Apart (Netflix)

The translation of the title of this film gives a clue to what awaits us, but the original version of the title gives an even bigger spoiler. “Five feet apart” or, translated literally, “five feet apart” is the story of two young people with cystic fibrosis who fall in love but have to keep five feet apart and can’t touch.

In an attempt, not to contract any infection due to the disease they already have, they get close, without being able to really get close and it makes us more and more emotional with the story. We promise tears, many tears.


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