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Between photographs, films, music, and virtual reality discover the life of one of the most emblematic figures in history: Frida Khalo. The exhibition “Frida Kahlo, the Life of an Icon” is presented in Porto as of March 10th and will be in Lisbon on September 29th.

Frida is world-renowned for her art and for her irreverent, feminist personality. In this experience, you will have the opportunity to get to know several details of her story. In the first moment, you will be able to “experience virtual reality and create a personalized model of Frida. Then, in a 360º audiovisual show, you will get to know some of the most important moments of her life. This exhibition is focused on her personal journey, without the presence of her paintings.

Before you go to the exhibition get to know some details of her life, art, and her impact on the lives of other artists in this free online exhibition.

For the exhibition in Porto, at Immersivus Gallery, tickets are now available for this journey of about 1h15m. The experience was created by the Frida Kahlo Corporation Foundation, Ideal Barcelona gallery, and creative studio Layers of Realty

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