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Apple is already preparing the release of iOS 16 and the iPhone 6S and SE models are not on the list of those capable of supporting this update. But they are not the only ones. Check out the full list.

After the release of iOS 15.2, Apple is already preparing iOS 16, but not all models will be able to support it. A recent report warns that older iPhones, and also some iPads, may not be on the list of those receiving the update.

The report is from the French website iPhonesoft, which says that there are models that will not receive iOS 16 because they do not have the A10 processor, which will be one of the minimum requirements for this upgrade.

“Does my iPhone still support this update?”

On the list are the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and even the 2016 iPhone SE, as well as the iPad Air 2, the fifth-generation iPad, the iPad Mini 4, and the 2015 iPad Pro.

If you recall, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus arrived in Portuguese stores in September 2015. But, relax, the new version of the iOS operating system is not due to be announced until June 2022, at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference – and it is expected to bring a lot of new tools.

In the latest iOS updates, Apple has maintained support for older devices. However, the release of iOS 13, in 2019, has already started to leave out some iPhone and iPad models, including the iPhone 6.

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