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A study that draws a broad portrait of young Portuguese reveals that 25% of those who work receive a salary below 600 euros. However, appearance weighs more on the “scale of happiness” than money or professional achievement.

After all, what makes you happy? Satisfaction with your own body is the factor that contributes most to the happiness (or unhappiness) of young people in Portugal, advances study, which indicates that more than 50% of Portuguese men and women are “not satisfied with their physical appearance”.

“It is worrying and reveals the pressure that young people feel, not exactly to have a healthy body, but to have a body similar to those they find on social networks and that are not real,” said Laura Sagnier, coordinator of the study “Young people in Portugal today”, which included 4900 young people, between 15 and 34 years, as quoted in “Jornal de Notícias”.

However, despite the negative consequences of the digital age, the same study indicates that social networks are used by 97% of young people.

“The contacts of young people are almost all on social networks and the models of perfection imitated by them are based on interfaces” of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, said Laura Sagnier, in the same newspaper. Physical appearance weighs more on the “happiness scale” than money or professional achievement.

“Difficulties with entering the labor market, the professional situation and low wages worry young people less than the physical aspect” revealed the coordinator of a study which, despite the encompassing 4900 respondents, represents almost 2.2 million young people. Economic independence is the step indicated by respondents for the transition to adulthood. However, 25% of young workers receive a salary below 600 euros.


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