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It is called Busy Simulator and is capable of replicating the sound of notifications from various applications, such as Slack or iMessage. All this so that you look super busy during your video conferences and can get away from (too) long meetings.

After more than a year and a half of a global pandemic, most students and remote workers are (more than) used to spending hours on video conferences, whether on Zoom, Google Meet, or other similar platforms. When a meeting drags on and seems to be far from over, a notification from Slack or even Google Calendar can be a good excuse to get out (read escape) from the videoconference.

In this case, without leaving the impression that you are sloppy, but rather a hard worker who has to divide himself between several tasks and meetings. And that is precisely where the Busy Simulator extension comes into play.

This is because it is a web extension capable of replicating the sound of notifications from nine different platforms: Google Calendar, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Apple Mail, Outlook, iMessage, Google Chat, Skype, and even the sound of a cell phone vibration. This way you can easily simulate a pretext to rescue you from a long meeting.

“l realized that some colleagues never turn off their notifications during meetings,” explains Brian Moore, creator of the platform, in an interview with “VICE” magazine, when asked what motivated him to develop Busy Simulator.

“My first thought was ‘wow, this person is really busy’. My second thought was ‘wow, anyone can look super busy with an app that can replicate the sound of notifications at regular intervals’,” he added.

Moore tested Busy Simulator during a video conference, where he purposely left his microphone on so that the sounds of these (fake) notifications could be heard. The result? Moore himself published it on the social network Twitter.

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