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The platform promises new tools for adults to keep tabs on kids’ online activity and will take practical steps to make sure kids spend less time on the app. How? We explain everything.

Instagram will advise teens to “take a break” from the application and promises new tools, so that adults can control what the younger ones do on the internet. All this to try to mitigate the negative consequences of the application to the mental health of young people.

Accused of having internal reports that prove Instagram’s negative impact on the mental health of younger people, Nick Clegg, one of the vice presidents of Facebook (the company that owns Instagram), does not deny the accusation and promises to take action.

Teens will be advised to “pause” whenever the platform notices they’ve been scrolling for too long in the app, but the changes don’t stop there.

The new tools come as a response to insinuations alleging that the company was hiding data from internal reports on the impact of Instagram on younger people – who, according to the documents in question, will be the main victims  of the social network.

“We’re going to introduce something that I think will make a big difference. Whenever the system detects that a teenager is watching the same content repeatedly and that content might not be good for their well-being, we’ll encourage them to watch something else,” Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president of global affairs, told CNN.

“We also intend to apply what we’ve called ‘take a break,’ where we will tell teens to simply take a break from using Instagram,” he added.

In this sense, the vice president of Global Affairs at Facebook also makes it clear that the presence and supervision of adults is crucial to control the effects of the social network on the youngest.  ‘”We will introduce new controls so that adults can supervise what teenagers do on the internet,” he added. But there is still no official date for the implementation of those new tools.

To date, the only definitive decision is that the company is not moving forward with the creation of an Instagram Kids. The development of Instagram for children was suspended following accusations alleging that Facebook knew about harmful effects of the social network aimed at young people from 10 to 12 years and did not disclose them.


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