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Data from the Infocursos portal show that more and more international students are choosing to study at Instituto Superior Técnico. 

Choosing the higher education institution where we want to study is not always an easy task. Whether it is because the course is not practical enough or because we are not sure if it is really the area we want to pursue. Much more difficult is if you are an international student and don’t know anyone who has had the experience of studying at the college you are thinking of attending. 

Thanks to all the information that is available online, this process has become much simpler and it is already possible to have an approximate idea of the reality of what awaits us in another country.

The data published by the Infocursos portal relates to the 2018/2019 academic year and shows that more and more international students are choosing Portuguese universities. In most cases, students opt for bachelor’s degrees with integrated master’s or master’s degrees. 

The Instituto Superior Técnico has been receiving more and more international students, and in some courses, there are even more international students enrolled than portuguese students. For example, in Energy Engineering and Management, of the 160 students enrolled, 121 were international students. In Naval and Ocean Engineering, of the 95 students enrolled, only 28 were portuguese.


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