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Spain is the first European country to ban smoking on all its beaches. The exact date when the new measure will be launched is not yet known, but the price of the fines for those who risk circumventing the law is already known.

After an online petition reached thousands of signatures, it is official: Spain will abolish smoking on beaches. Although there is still no date set for the implementation of this law, it is already known that smoking will be banned on all Spanish beaches, with fines exceeding 2000 euros. The ban on smoking on beaches is nothing new in Spain. In the summer of 2021, some experiments were made in Barcelona, which according to the newspaper El País, was something “well accepted” by Spanish citizens.

The goal? It is simple: to fight the pollution caused by cigarettes, namely cigarette butts, on the more than 4000 kilometers of coastline in the country. Since this is a pollutant that contains plastics that are not biodegradable and that emit toxic compounds.

Other countries and regions, such as France and Sardinia, have also banned cigarettes on some beaches, but Spain is the first country in Europe to completely abolish smoking on the country’s beaches. 

And the Spanish government’s anti-smoking plan goes even further: by 2023, it may be banned in enclosed public spaces and even in the car itself. Not to mention that it plans to increase taxes on tobacco products and ban ‘disguised’ advertising on social media, reports “AutoBild”.

This plan also aims to meet the goals imposed by the World Health Organization (WHO), which aims to reduce tobacco consumption by 30% by 2025.

In Portugal, to date, there is no rule or article in the Highway Code (CE) that prohibits a citizen from smoking while driving, although the act of smoking can be framed in this article of the CE: “Drivers should, while driving, refrain from any actions that are likely to impair the exercise of driving safely. The fine provided for in this article can range from 60 to 300 euros.


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