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In addition to being able to watch and listen to television, it will be possible to taste flavors such as chocolate or pizza by licking the screen. How do you do it? Through the new Taste the TV concept.

How many times have you heard TV hosts or influencers say, “I wish they could taste this through the screen”? It turns out that this is not a utopian concept after all, and there is already a TV screen that tastes and can be licked. All this to add taste to the experience of watching and listening to television.

“The goal is to allow people to have the experience of eating in a restaurant at another end of the world, even though they are always at home,” explains Meiji University academic Homei Miyashita, quoted by the “New York Post”.

Homei Miyashita is the Japanese professor who created a prototype television screen that allows the user to see and hear contents, and also transmit the taste sensation. How? It is not simple, but it seems: the feat is achieved through a carousel of ten flavors that, when combined, allow the user to taste chocolate or pizza by licking a certain area covered with a hygienic film.

But calm down, because in addition to innovative gastronomic experiences, this screen can be used in challenges or even remote cooking classes. And it has even been tested for this purpose.

During a demonstration, a student asked to taste sweet chocolate, a robotic voice repeated the request, and the system squirted a substance onto the coating: “it tastes like chocolate milk. It’s sweet, like a chocolate sauce,” says the student.

The TTTV (Taste the TV) concept was created by the professor together with a team of 30 students and is not the first attempt of the academic to combine gastronomy with technology, since, even before this new idea, he tried to create a fork that improved the taste of food.

The researchers are in contact with industry to discuss the commercialization of these TTTV (Taste the TV) screens and estimate that it costs about 875 dollars to build each unit. However, there is no simulation yet of what the final price of the product will be.

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