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The study was done by the British insurance company CIA Landlords and places Lisbon in the top 3 most expensive cities to live in. The thesis compared average incomes, with living costs and the average value of an apartment in 56 cities around the world.


We all already knew that living in Lisbon is difficult and not for every wallet. The cost of living is getting higher and higher and rents are becoming unbearable. In turn, salaries remain stagnant and do not keep up with this exponential evolution.

If, on the one hand, Lisbon is the portuguese city of great opportunities, on the other hand, it is increasingly difficult to seize them. For those who come from abroad, the search for a house or even a room is unthinkable when the offers are unimaginably high for a space of half a dozen square meters. For insiders, leaving their parents’ home also seems increasingly like a hypothetical scenario.

But if there were any doubts (still), the latest study by British insurer CIA Landlords, published in March, wipes them all out. “The Cost Of Living Crisis: How big is the gap between outgoing and incomings around the world?”, analyzed 56 cities in the world and highlighted Lisbon as the third most expensive. When it comes to the biggest discrepancy between salaries and cost of living, the frontrunners are London (UK), in second place, and Rome (Italy), in first.

In contrast to this podium, the cheapest cities to live in are Bern, Switzerland, and Derby and Conventry, both in the UK.

While in Lisbon the average net salary is 1.037€, the rent for a 3 bedroom apartment is around 1.625€. The cost of living per month is around €561. This makes the expression “money doesn’t stretch” more and more recurrent – because it really doesn’t stretch, and it is increasingly difficult to make it last until the end of the month.

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