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The brand was born in 2021 and counts, for now, with two products: a serum and a face cream made of avocado and argan oil. 

Created by a Portuguese entrepreneur, Miaskin is a new Portuguese cosmetics brand that was born in October 2021. But calm down, the best part is that all the products are made with natural and organic ingredients. 

To be a sustainable brand, all the details are thought to the detail since Miaskin’s product bottles are made of frosted glass, a more beautiful and sustainable option than plastic packaging. 

Miaskin was created by Maria Inês Augusto who, after finding a gap in the cosmetics market, decided to get down to business and create a brand that, besides selling products with formulas based on organic ingredients, is identical to a brand without gender and with healthy products.

The founder of the brand started by trying to understand what would work best with her skin and realized that the epidermis is not just dry or oily and that her skin was combination skin. The solution? She created her brand of cosmetics, with products capable of meeting the needs of skin that is oily some days and dry others. 

Miaskin’s first products are serum and face cream, created from natural products. The brand is already planning new launches and expects to have available soon a cleansing gel, an exfoliator, and natural masks.

In this first phase, the products are only available at Miaskin’s online store, with the serum costing 21.60€ and the face cream 24.60€.



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