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From visiting museums or exhibitions, walking around the city or enjoying and breathing the existing art, there is no shortage of free options to spend your days and liven up your free time.


Visit the urban markets

Porto is known for the several markets that animate the city on weekends. And the wonders are not only the well-known Bolhão market. Besides this one, where you can still breathe the Porto tradition, there are several street markets that conquer all who visit.

Pass by the Porto Belo Market, in Carlos Alberto Square, fall in love with the handicrafts of the Porto Handicraft Market, in Parada Leitão Square or discover the wonders of the Alegria Market.


Go to Miguel Bombarda Street

In this street, art is indoors and outdoors. While in the street there is urban art spread all over the walls, with several paintings by artists, in the galleries Ó Galeria or Galeria de Fernando Santos you will find breathtaking works.


Stroll through the city gardens

Whether in the City Park, in the Gardens of the Crystal Palace or in the Garden of Passeio das Virtudes, there are plenty of green spaces where you can be more in touch with nature. Discover the charms of Porto’s gardens on a walk or, if you prefer, take the towel and the basket out of the closet, breathe a little more fresh air and have a picnic on the grass.


Discover urban art

In Porto, there are painted walls all over the city. Whether in vacant buildings or in buildings and spaces made available for the purpose, there are real works of art by renowned artists. From Vhils to Mr. Dheo, the urban art in the city is worth the admiration.


Watch the sunset at Jardim do Morro

If a sunset, naturally, is already beautiful, a sunset in the Jardim do Morro is a sight for which we have no words. Besides being impossible to refuse, the atmosphere of this garden makes anyone want to go back. All this while the Douro River is painted orange.

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