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You can try the new oatmeal drinks at all stores nationwide or enjoy them at home via delivery orders.

After closing the year with special Christmas drinks, Starbucks has brought three new drinks to the new year and to the new menu. The coffee shop chain is once again bringing new products into its menu and, this time, created new drinks thinking of those who, by choice or by obligation, do not consume cow’s milk.

Starbucks has launched three new oatmeal lattes that can be consumed either in the stores that the multinational has around the country or, if you don’t want to go to one of them, you can simply order them through the delivery companies. 

The flavors of the three new oatmeal lattes are Orange & Cocoa, with coffee and chocolate and orange topping, Hazelnut & Honey, which is finished with a hazelnut powder on top, and Strawberry & Vanilla, which, like the others, has a strawberry and vanilla flavored preparation, with oatmeal beverage in the mix. 

Depending on the size of the cup you choose, the drinks cost from €3.70. In addition to the new oatmeal lattes, Starbucks brings to this winter menu a new raspberry and chocolate cake (€2.70) that, along with any of the lattes, will be a perfect combination for a winter afternoon.

Outside the winter menu, you can always try the remaining Starbucks lattes, not forgetting that those that were part of the Christmas menu are no longer available and that, as they are part of the Christmas menu, should only return again in December. 



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