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Are there issues that you don’t understand the context of or how they came about? Like war, universe issues, politics, or refugees? VOX has YouTube videos about 10 minutes long that explain different subjects to you in a dynamic and summarized way.

The YouTube channel is divided into different topics, from culture to urbanism, world, or history, find out all about them here

  1. 26 videos about Music, going through sound, pop music or rap, and even an explanation of why we like repetition in music


  1. There is also a playlist dedicated only to subjects about the War in Europe, always summarized and with timeless explanations



  1. Are you interested in the topics of urbanism and transportation? Here you will even find the solution to the question of whether or not to tip Uber


  1. 4. There are also videos to answer just one question, here you will find topics such as racism, having or not having children, or even meritocracy

  1. If you would like to understand more about world politics, here you will also find the answer to all your questions, from the United States to Belarus, or India



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