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With Pantone SkinTone Validated, companies will be able to identify colors that exactly match the various skin tones.

No, this is not another article about the color of the year 2022, but, in case there are still doubts, we are talking about Very Peri. This is because when we talk about Pantone, colors and especially colors of the year are certainly the first things we think of. However, this is not the company’s only function, as Pantone is also responsible for the development of a color-coding technology.

According to Pantone, this new color-coding technology will make it possible to easily and uniformly identify different shades. The Pantone SkinTone Validated program is a software program that will allow companies to test their products to ensure that they can reproduce different skin tones as authentically as possible. 

“With virtually every generation demanding that brands truthfully showcase the principle of equality and inclusion, Pantone’s SkinTone Validated program provides another level of confidence in products by ensuring that each skin tone shown authentically represents the individual,” the Pantone statement said. 

While the company already has a guide that can identify more than 110 skin tones, Pantone SkinTone, the new technology in Pantone SkinTone Validated will complement the existing guide. 

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