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It’s true: an Italian restaurant with all its dishes for €3.90 on a menu that includes pizzas, burgers, pasta, salads and even sweet pizzas.

Whether it’s because you’re tired of always having a packed lunch or because you’re craving Italian food, the Pomodoro restaurant in Lisbon is ideal for when you want to get rid of that craving without spending too much money. Being on a tight budget and running out of money doesn’t have to be a reason not to eat that pizza or pasta you’ve been dreaming about.

It’s not every day that you can brag about being the most sparing person ever to eat out.

This group of Spanish restaurants promises you plenty of options and, the best thing is that you won’t have any doubts about the prices as all the dishes cost exactly the same. From pizzas to pasta, as well as burgers, starters and desserts, you have to visit Pomodoro, in Arco do Cego.

With a terrace ready for summer and winter and a super cozy indoor space, the restaurant is open every day from midday to midnight. It’s also possible to take all these dishes as take-away or get your order through the delivery apps.


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