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A young portuguese designer won the Moda Portugal Fashion Design Competition at the age of 22.

Tiago Bessa, a final year student in the Fashion Design course at MODATEX Porto, won the Moda Portugal Fashion Design Competition, a competition as part of the ModaPortugal project.

The competition was attended by 18 students from all corners of Europe and from prestigious fashion schools such as the London College of Fashion (UK), Head – Genève (Switzerland) or Polimoda (Italy).

The collection of Tiago Bessa, entitled Hermaphrodite was awarded the international grand prize, worth 2500€, and also the national grand prize, worth 1000€. The young native of the city of Guimarães is the young Portuguese designer to receive the international award.

The young designer’s collection explores various concepts about gender, dealing with the deconstruction of hermaphroditic images and orchids (plants that are also hermaphroditic). These gave rise to the forms of the Hermaphrodite collection, a collection that uses materials that pay tribute to his origins and thetimes spent in the atelier of his modeling mother and sewing grandmother.

Tiago Bessa, aged 22, is preparing to start a couture apprenticeship next year at Viktor & Rolf, an atelier created in 1993 by the two Dutch designers.


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