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It’s official: your publications will appear again in your followers’ feed on the day they are published. And, yes, you’ll be able to scroll chronologically again.

In 2016, Instagram discarded the chronological feed and began to base the content of the main page of various accounts, only and exclusively, in the likes and interactions of its users. This, of course, is based on an algorithm, which did not please most internet users. Due to the criticism, and since the algorithm started monopolizing the feed, Instagram started exploring other ideas, with the main purpose of making the users feel like they hadn’t completely lost control of their own content, according to Mosseri.

An example of this was the “Favorites” tool, which allowed users to define which profiles were important and should, therefore, appear first on the main page of the application.

But, stay calm, because Adam Mosseri, responsible for the social network, has already revealed that the application is working on a new update, which intends to return to display the publications in chronological order.

“‘We believe in greater transparency and accountability, as well as [giving more] control to the user. So, we are working on a new version with a chronological feed and hope to launch it as early as next year,” Mosseri said.

For now, there is still no confirmation regarding the exact day when the chronological order feed will return to instagram. However, Mosseri points to the first quarter of next year.

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